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Application Process


  1. Fill out application resume
  2. Telephone interview
  3. Possible interview with employer
  4. Confirm commitment to offered position
  5. Fill out visa paperwork and send to recruiter or school
  6. Receive visa documents from recruiter or school
  7. Take visa documents to nearest Korean consulate
  8. Confirm day and place of departure with recruiter or school
  9. Receive travel confirmation from recruiter or school
  10. Depart home country
  11. Get picked up by recruiter or school at airport in Korea or take limousine bus to your city
  12. Go to housing
  13. Begin job!

Settling In

  1. Take mandatory health check at government designated hospital
  2. Register for foreign resident card at immigration
  3. Open Korean bank account

Finishing Up

  1. Fill out paperwork for cashing out pension
  2. Inform recruiter or school of travel plans
  3. Receive travel confirmation
  4. Receive last month's pay and severance pay
  5. Depart Korea!