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Visa Matters

E-2 and E-1 Visas

You will need a work visa in order to teach in Korea. The most common type is the E-2 Visa, which applies to those working in public schools and private institutes. We will help you throughout the E-2 Visa process.

Teachers working at a university will require an E-1 Visa.

You will need the following documents in order to apply for an E-2 or E-1 visa:

  • Copy of diploma with apostille authentication (Bachelors or higher)
  • National criminal record check with apostille authentication
  • Copy of passport photo page
  • Copy of resume/CV
  • 2 photos (passport size)
  • Signed contract

F-4 Visa

An F-4 Visa is for people of Korean ancestry, called Gyopo or Kyopo in Korean. This visa basically gives you Korean status in regards to employment, and frees you from the need for visa sponsorship from a Korean employer or having to get a new visa after finishing a contract. The F-4 Visa can be renewed every two years.