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Why Teach English in Korea?

Korea has the greatest savings potential for EFL teachers in Asia. High starting salaries, free airfare, free housing, severance pay, full health benefits, and low taxes make teaching English in Korea the best option in Asia for people looking to save money. The strong demand for native English teachers and high turnover rate ensure a steady supply of available teaching positions.

  • Housing: FREE
  • Airfare: FREE round-trip airfare
  • Vacation: 10-21 days PLUS all Korean Holidays
  • Overtime Pay: About 18,000-25,000 won per hour
  • Taxes: 3.3-7% of salary
  • Severance Pay: One month salary paid upon successful completion of contract
  • Medical: Full coverage with 50% paid by employer and 50% paid by teacher (3-5% of salary)
  • Refundable Pension: About 9% of salary goes to national pension plan, with 4.5% paid by employer and 4.5% paid by teacher